No Lullaby

No Lullaby



Status: Released

Genre: Social-Documentary

Duration: 72min.


Director / writer: Helen Simon

Co-writers: Katharina Köster, DAvid Lindner Leporda

Director of photography: Carla Muresan

Editor: Nina Ergang

Composer: Konstantin von Sichart

Producer: DAvid Lindner Leporda


Production company: Filmallee

Co-producers: Bayerischer Rundfunk, HFF München

Funding: FFF-Bayern, Freunde der HFF München

Production country: Germany


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From early on, TINA (57) was inculcated that nothing which happens at home in a well-off family is carried outside. So, she suffers the torture, keeps silent as her own father abuses her throughout her childhood, buries this part of her life deep down in her unconscious. She buries it so deep that she cannot read the desperate signals her daughter FLOH sends out when she suffers the same ordeal by the same culprit. After many years of silence, Tina and Floh gather their courage and strength to break the vicious circle: they go to the police. But all help seems to come too late – Tina watches helplessly as her desperate daughter's will to live gradually fades away.

Tina and Floh take us on a journey into the depth of an unbearable trauma, where nothing is as it should be. Trapped in the structures of a destructive family, with no help from the outside world, a mother and a daughter embrace the fight to break the ice under which a whole society has gone indifferent and mute.