Deliver us from evil


Und erlöse uns von dem Bösen

Status: Development

Genre: Crime Mini-Series

Duration: 8 x 45 min.

Writers: Fred Breinersdorfer, Katja Röder

Co-Producers: Christian Balz, Franziska Lindner

Producer: DAvid Lindner Leporda

Production company: Filmallee GmbH

Production countries: Germany


After the loss of her family and 15 years of service in the armed forces, Nicole Dressel returns to her home town Wilbruch as the new chief of police and faces a new challenge. She's been tasked with monitoring the recently released child murderer Victor Maria Hölzel who has started a noviciate at the local monastery.

Driven by religious motives, Hölzel killed five children 30 years ago. After his release, he now wishes to live in the remote monastery to find back to God. Among the population of the village, this is met with horror. Parents fear for their children, villagers see their economic interests endangered by the former 'public enemy number one'. The monks fear for their souls.

Then, on the night of Victor Hölzel's arrival, a young girl disappears. The situation threatens to escalate. Nicole Dressel must prevent a lynch mob against ex-convict Hölzel and solve a new and mysterious series of murders.