Inside Luna


Status: Development

Genre: Family Entertainment Animation

Duration: 90 min.

Writers: Philip LaZebnik, Kathryn Gould, Iris Fedrizzi, DAvid Lindner Leporda

Producer: DAvid Linder Leporda, Nicolas Matji

Production company: Filmallee, Lightbox

Funding: FFA, FFF, Creative Europe MEDIA, Comunidad de Madrid

Production countries: Germany, Spain


TIMON, BEA and DAMIAN are trainee white blood cells in the body of 11-year old LUNA. Still young and inexperienced, the three have not yet mastered the vital art of teamwork and are often held back by their own insecurities. When the three newbies botch up a team exercise and unwittingly allow for a group of hostile bacteria to take over the tonsils, the infection spreads and Luna becomes seriously ill. To redeem themselves and save their world, our three heroes have to go on an adventurous and action-packed journey through the body to find information of an old vaccination that might just save the day.
From the tonsils to the heart, from the spleen onto the skin, on the way, our motley crew encounters strange and wonderful creatures, face great and dangerous challenges and go where no white blood cell has ever gone before. To save Luna, they’ll have to learn to overcome their insecurities, join together as a team and value friendship, trust and responsibility – for themselves, for others and for the world in which they live.