Flight Trials



Status: Released

Genre: Drama

Duration: 10 min.


Writers: Milena Klemke, Gloria Stamm

Director / Editor: Sebastian Stern

Director of photography: Sven Zellner

Composer: Frieder Wohlfarth

Sound: Brit Ullrich

Production design: Laura Beikert, Luise Bundschuh, Katharina Ruß, Johanna Wolfer

Katrin Schmölz

Executive producers: DAvid Linder Leporda, Ina Mikkat

Producers: Natalie Lambsdorff, Wolfgang Latteyer, Hubert von Spreti


Actors: Bernd Blaschke, Cornelia Pollak, David Tataru

Production company: Filmallee

Co-production: Bayerischer Rundfunk, LMU-München

Production country: Germany


Marcel (34), a casual drug dealer, got to take care of his son during the day. That almost goes horribly wrong. Will he face responsibility and will he be able to fix the relationship with his son's mother?