Free to Go


Status: Released

Genre: Travel-Documentary

Duration: 90 min.


Directors / writers: John Koster, Marie Elisa Scheidt

Composer: Aidan Baker

Sound & mix: Andreas Goldbrunner

Production: Adrian Hermann

Producer: DAvid Linder Leporda


Production company: Filmallee GmbH

Co-production: Bayerischer Rundfunk, HFF München

Funding: Freunde der HFF München

Production country: Germany


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In 8 months around the world – without knowing where to sleep or go next. ELISA and JOHN have one goal in their mind: Ultimate freedom. They get lost in places that will eventually become their homes for a short time. Strangers become friends. Curiosity turns into memories. But what borders will the two encounter when they let themselves simply drift along? ELISA and JOHN gather stories on four continents, meet all kinds of people who accompany them for a short while and show them their own personal form of freedom.