Twilight Snow



Status: Development

Genre: Historic Alpine Revenge Western

Duration: 100 min.

Writer: Matteo Strukul, Francesco Ferracin, Malin Schwerdtfeger,
Tom Lock Griffiths

Producers: DAvid Linder Leporda, Christian Füllmich, Torben Maas

Production company: Filmallee, Filmschaft

Funding: IDM

Production countries: Germany


South-Tyrol, 1855. A veteran of the Austrian army returns with his Venetian wife and two children to the valley where he was born, to inherit his family´s farm. Trying to mend his wounded soul, he hopes that the simple rural life and the overwhelming nature of the Alps can offer his family a new beginning. But he is received with the open distrust of his people who cannot see him but as a foreigner. And when the hostility of the villagers lead to the death of his daughter, his revenge will start a spiral of violence which, in the length of a day, will tear everything apart.